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Nox is free for a limited time. Origin distributes games for free under ‘On the House’ offers and this time it is Nox, an action-RPG which was released on January, 2000.

One of the best Diablo clones of its era!

If you like hack ‘n’ slash games like Diablo series, you will enjoy it for sure. Go try it! Don’t stand there, stop reading, close the browser window, open Origin, click on ‘On the House’ button under ‘Free Games’ and just download it, It’s all yours. (Just kidding ha- ha, that was a fake laugh. You are still reading, right? Hello? Anybody here?)
Nox was developed by the Command & Conquer developer Westwood Studios, published by EA and it was a step or two ahead of Diablo in many ways. Then why we still play Diablo, not Nox? Because, EA was always EA.
Nox gives you control over a specific character named Jack who lives in 20th century and accidentaly driven to a different dimension by his TV. He must fight his way back home by defeating necromancers and their armies of the dead. You can choose three different classes; Warrior, Conjurer and Wizard. The class you choose at the beginning of the adventure dictates the abilities and the story at your disposal as you progress.
Here is a trailer of the game. Take a look.

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