A lot of people state that TES III: Morrowind was the greatest Elder Scrolls game, probably because it has an unmatched depth compared to its successors. But if you want to play it right now, you may feel a little exhausted by the user interface design & graphics; especially if you’ve played Skyrim. For Oblivion, I could not state the same; because its interface is much much well-designed than the last game, while being a little less user-friendly.

However, we all know that a voluntary group called TES Renewal Project is working really hard on bringing these Bethesda classics back. They are looking for volunteers in various aspects by the way, if you are interested: Click here, you enthusiastic open-world dweller, you. Both projects are in the works for a long time, and the developers keep us updated about the process –despite the frequency of these updates. October 2016 updates are here.

First of all, Skywind looks fantastic. Give it a go:

The video mainly emphasizes the world design improvements, both interior and exterior. It also shows us little bits and pieces of armor and weapons. It is being developed for a longer time than Skyblivion, as you can easily tell the difference:

Skyblivion, however, showcases the “familiar faces” from the forth installment of the series. The charecters surely seem much, much more bearable to look at. I certainly did not fancy hearing the Adoring Fan’s irritating voice, though.

If you ask me, I would channel all the workpower to Skywind, for Oblivion was already technically superior to Morrowind, thus more playable. But witnessing the effort put into the character details, I couldn’t help but get overly-excited for both projects.

There are no release dates yet, but we can say that Skywind is moving closer than ever. Stay tuned!


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