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New Trailer From STRAFE®

The best FPS from 1996 is back with a gameplay video. After two weird and awesome videosPixel Titans released this gameplay video to celabrate their deal with Devolver Digital, the publisher of many screwball games including Hotline Miami. (Disclaimer: We like screwball.)

Here be the procedural-leveled, roguelike (well I’d be suprised if it wasn’t), face-melting STRAFE® gameplay:

There is a quote from STRAFE® director Thom Glunt about the deal with Devolver Digital:

“People want blood. They want tight action…They want speed that makes their face melt off, so they can scoop up the soupy remains and toss it in the air like a liquid confetti. Nobody gets that like Devolver Digital.”

Devolver Digital CFO, Fork Parker continues:

“Once everyone is dead, then we can take literally all of their money…Who’s gonna stop us? You? You’ll be a boiling puddle of entrails with more important things to do, like replacing the office chair you just dissolved through. And good luck, ‘cause you’re bankrupt.”

Gets more exciting every day, this game. STRAFE® will be out in early 2017 on PC&Mac.