The second expansion of Geralt of Rivia’s adventure, Blood and Wine comes on an unknown date for now, but there will be more information coming about the DLC in May, as we know. If the bright and colorful Toussaint that hides a dark secret underneath it tingles your curiosity, you may take look at these screenshots and becme more tingled than ever.

(Images may look a little distorted because of the compression, click on them to enlarge & get rid of it; or go to the official website for the full resolution screenshots.)

“‘The Scolopendromorph’ — it’s harder to kill than to pronounce its name.”


“Anna Henrieatta and her entourage.”


“Beauclair is all kinds of fancy.”


“I think were not in Novigrad anymore.”


“Toussaint is full of places just waiting to be discovered.”

Blood and Wine comes in the “second quarter” of 2016, and we are in that quarter of the year now.

Be patient.” – The Great Maynard


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