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Upcoming real-time strategy game Halo Wars 2 is coming for PC and Xbox One on February 21, 2017 but, what about the story and the characters you say? Well, here they are.

28 years after the Halo Wars and right after the Halo 5: Guardians, we dive into the world of Halo Wars 2. According to the video below, no one is really sure what is going on and they are highly confused. Isabel, AI of Halo Wars 2, is nothing like Cortana and Serina. She is not a military AI, actually she is afraid as hell and tells everybody to abandon the Ark. But she is right, something is coming. An incredibly intelligent and stong brute, Atriox.

And there is also Captain James Cutter, who is devoted to his job and willing to do anything to save his crew. Here, enjoy the video below:


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