TaleWorlds joined to PC Gamer Weekender 2016 that took place on March 5 – 6 in London to show off the second Mount & Blade game, Bannerlord. It was broadcasted live on Youtube and I watched it getting ants in my pants, because I was looking forward to find any clue about the second game for three years. Frank Elliot from TaleWorlds crew shared the main improvements on character customization, combat and other stuff throughout the broadcast. It is still a work in progress but already took its own share from my wallet. I can’t even wait for the release date. I WANT IT! I NEED IT!
What is Mount & Blade?
Mount & Blade is a sandbox game and it takes place in a unique, medieval
designed world, so what? It has also elements of Role Playing, Action, Adventure,
Simulation and Strategy games. It is a peerless mixture of different genres and
gives players the full control of every content in the game. The independent
game development company TaleWorlds proved itself as one of the most player- friendly
companies helping the fan – made DLC’s and such, so game was built in
cooperation of both players and company. The result was awesome, so that it
became one of the best games ever made.  That’s why we spent hundreds of hours playing
it, but it still doesn’t feel like we spent it, we put those hours to good use.
All Mount & Blade players around the world waited for any
announcement from TaleWorlds and Bannerlords was announced in 2012.
They are still improving it and we are still waiting it. Patience is a virtue
isn’t it? Yes it is.
Please welcome, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord!

(Source: Pc Gamer)


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