Well, Kojima‘s next project, Death Stranding, was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2016. We can’t stop talking about it since.

Death Stranding trailer left us all confused. I bet this trailer is the best symbolic thing you watched for a long time. Seeing Norman Reedus naked was one thing but, the rest of the trailer can be discussed under 82 titles which I wouldn’t dare to write. This game already has opened a FAQ tab in our heads. We have guessed a lot but the trailer says there is more to it.

Kojima told Eurogamer that ‘It is representative. What you see in the trailer will be in the game.’ So the whales, dead fish and naked Norman Reedus will be in the game. Like we all know, the trailer is full of clues and hints and the main reason behind the trailer is to bring us together to discuss.

So here are the answers to some of most asked questions about Death Standing:

  • The tag around Reedus’ neck and if the equations( The Schwarzschild Radius and the Dirac Equation) mean that he fell through a black hole: ‘What I will say is, I wanted people to find those…’
  • The baby: The baby is not a clone of Reedus.
  • The baby is Metal Gear Solid 5 and the trailer is to link Konami: He said that he thought people might link it but there’s no connection in there.
Death Standing is coming for PlayStation 4 and PC in far future.
We will be back with news, stay tuned!


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