Lucifer’s game, Just Cause 3 will have an evil child soon.

The game which you can terrorize all the living things without limits, will be having its first DLC, Sky Fortress, in March. Sky Fortress is the first expansion of the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pack and as you can understand it from the name, it is the Air pack.

In this DLC, Rico Rodriguez will have a Bavarium Wingsuit which is a new upgradeable, rocket-powered, weaponized suit. Also, new missions, a personal defence drone and a new assault riffle named Bavarium Splitter will be added to the main game. A personal drone I say!

The second expansion is for the land and named Land Mech Assault. With Land Mech Assault we will also have new missions and a gravity gun-wielding armored mech. This is just too much.

You can watch Sky Fortress trailer below and can purchase the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pack on Steam now.


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