Inner Chains is an upcoming horror FPS game which is under development by Telepaths Tree and will be published by IMGN.PRO. World of Inner Chains is dark, surreal and mysterious.

The main objective of the game is to understand and unravel the mysteries of this world while you are surrounded by the dark environment and many dangers. The most important part of the game is that the feeling. Developers want you to feel ‘lost’ and discover the environment.

Inner Chains is succesfully founded on Kickstarter and Greenlighted on Steam. Here is the gameplay trailer:

“In designing the levels, we want them always to have more than just one way to the goal. We will not walk you through it. We will only give you clues. 

How you handle this alien and hostile place depends entirely on you. From forgotten, mountain ruins, through a dangerous forest where flora and fauna are our mortal enemies, to the great temples built by a mysterious caste, whose existence and objectives hide many secrets – wandering through this world you will be able to learn about the story carved in these places, and use it to fight the enemy.”

Here are the new screenshots of Inner Chains.













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