If you enjoy Serious Sam series as I do, this will make you go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Serious Sam is a first-person shooter video game which makes you kill anything stands on your way without any meaning. A perfect game to reduce the stress, I tell you. Now the developer of Serious Sam series, Croteam released the source code of the Serious Engine v1.10 for free to everyone!

If you’ve ever played one of the Serious Sam games, you know that the game handles hundreds of enemies on screen while rendering dinamic lightning and large effects. This is the main feature of the Sam Engine which developers are proud of.

Serious Engine v1.10 is very well commented, easy to modify, and there are lots of user generated mods out there. This version has everything you need to build your own game – or just experiment.

You can visit here and download source code of Serious Engine v1.10 for free. Know that this engine was used to create Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter.

And if you don’t like Sam, he has something to tell you: ‘My flaming fists of fury will destroy you fiend! ha ha ha…god, who writes this stuff?’


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