Unity and Epic shared some promotional engine tech demos at Game Developers Conference  and they are just amazing.

Since it is my favorite, I will start with the Unity tech demo named as AdamAdam is a real-time rendered short film, created with the Unity Engine by the Unity’s Demo team. Only the first part of the short film was shared but, I am more than impressed by it. If the robot would rip the orange thing slowly, I would be complete. We will be able to see the whole film at Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam. You can watch ‘Adam‘ below:

Since it looks more realistic than reality, Epic chose to share a cinematic trailer, showing a McLaren 570S with every detail. You can watch the trailer below and see how it went for Unreal Engine 4:

Shiny! After the videos, you may want to have more information about the engine. So, they shared a feature trailer for Unreal Engine 4. You can have more detailed information about the engine features, tools and resources by watching the video below:

And for the final, both Unreal and Epic shared show reels which you can see below:


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