We all know Bethesda: A game comes out, it is nearly unplayable (yet played by hundreds of thousands from the very first day), one or two official patches come out, then those many thousands start to grizzle about the bugs (rightfully), and finally a handful of programmer heroes come and save the day by their unofficial patches. I don’t know your opinion (you can always share with us), but I think I am starting to like this. It is like watching a child grow: First you want to kick it, then you see some improvements but the urge of kicking still stays, and finally it becomes something good if you are lucky. Instead of yearning to kick it, you pat its head, and let the good times roll… Well, yeah, the first unofficial patch for Fallout 4 is now available and aiming to fix every bug which the official patches could not mend.

The Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch will include item, quest, object, NPC, gameplay and text fixes. It’s been said that it is a safe mod to use since it will not tingle with the game stock objects, etc. We would like to include a list, but it would be very, very long. I am not lying, check it out: (Here be the improvements!)

Your game has to have Patch 1.5.146 for installing the patch and the developers say that it is compatible with “as many other mods possible.” You can download it here. Good bugless hunting & go bury those radroaches!



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