The biggest Fallout 4 DLC so far, Far Harbor was released today. Actually, I was curious about that DLC because there was no detailed information about it. So, Bethesda realised our curiosity and tried to enlighten us with a video and an article.
Fallout 4: Far Harbor takes us from Commonwealth and throws us into a fishing town in Maine Island where mutated creatures and radiation are swarming. All the factions that we know from Fallout 4 exist here and there is a big hostility amongst them. Bethesda says that we have to make decisions that we may regret while playing because of the truths we will learn about all the factions throughout.
In Far Harbor there are new weapons, perks, crafting variations, enemies and a new armor called Marine Armor. This new armor is so powerful that it is better than Combat Armor and nearly as protective as Power Armor. And there is this old, bad – tempered fellow called Longfellow who knows everything about the island.
Fallout 4: Far Harbor has more than 20 hours of gameplay. If you have Season Pass you can try it right now. If you don’t, it’s 30$. (Well, thanks Bethesda)


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