Well, I think we’ve waited long enough for the story based extention of the Dying Light but the longer we wait, the more we hear about it. We already know it will have a bounty system, it will have a deep story line, it will be more terrifying and now we learned that The Following will include a new difficulty level called Nightmare Mode.

The Nightmare Mode will be much more difficult than any other mode we’ve seen in Dyling Light. The name gives itself away already. But wait, there is more detailed information about this mode. It will last longer than the other modes, zombies will hit you harder and when you die you will lose all your XP. So, you may call it Cruel Mode if you like. Other than that, active skills will be consuming your stamina. Accept this parts there is one thing that may be noteworthy, you will earn more XP in Nightmare Mode.

If you already have Dying Light, you can go ahead and have The Following on February 9. If you don’t have the main game, then you may have The Following as a part of the Enhanced Edition.

For more detailed information, you can watch the video below:

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