Here comes the Winter Battle Pass!

With the Winter Battle Pass, Dota 2 has a new Path system along with the specialized challange trees for the different roles. That means you will be able to focus on your character’s special role more efficiently.

If you are a solo player, you will be able to follow the Path of the Wanderer which is focusing on solo playing tactics like last hits. If you are a support character then you may follow the Path of the Patron which is focusing on healing and warding. So it goes.Each path has it’s own challenges and hero sets. If you can complete this challanges, you will unlock new styles for those sets.

As your level increases by completing the battle quests, you will unlock mythical rewards and you may earn Winter Treasures. Winter Treasures also can be purchased from the Store.

The wagering system has also changed a bit. You can wager up to 1,000 tokens a week and also you may tip your tokens to anyone you like. Victory will grant you double wager in Battle Points.

Also, Battle Pass owners can access to a frosty terrain battlefield.

Behold the beauty of the pristine snows settled upon the battlefield. Then unlock your inner battle artist and splatter the blood of your enemies across that white canvas on your march to victory.


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