Sometimes, when delving into the comment sections of gaming communities; you can think that the gamers are arrogant and ungrateful smartasses. Well, in some cases, you are right; and in most cases you are wrong –as it is in most generalizations (hello paradox, my old friend). Anyway, there are a lot of concrete psychological researches that are implying that the arrogance is this generation’s disease; but under the topic of games, things start to change –for the criticisms made by the gaming community are mostly rightful. Why? Because the 90’s fantastical and sincere gaming scene became a money-grinding industry in 2000’s? Probably.

Well, the video is actually hilarious. But at the same time, it urges you to think about what the gaming “industry” became. Good job, Cracked. Here:

Here are some uproarious quotes from the video:

“…Footage from the actual game is worse. How worse? Buy the game and find out. But before you do, there’s something I require you to buy. You’re going to need a new video game system –not just any video game system but a video game system that’s more or less like any video game system. Here’s Horton’s Reality Escaping Electric Brick!”


“…Some of the games are great, most of them are alright. But in general they’re all just mostly identical installments in one of the three types of video games that exist now. But you know, it’s still a perfectly acceptable way to escape the crushing truths of reality. “

…And the mocking goes on and on about pre-orders, early accesses, etc. Just watch the video, and think about what we should do about this monster we’ve created (you know that I am not exaggerating).


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