Destiny has a new mode for Valentine’s day for the couples who will spend their time home, playing.

Crimson Doubles multiplayer mode will launch on February 9 and will be available until February 16. While playing this mode you must enter it with another player and try to eliminate other team’s 2 members. When you kill the other couple, you win. But wait, there is more!

If your teammate dies, the game will boost you up. It’s like ‘Dude, they killed your beloved one, go, I got your back.’ With this boost, your maximum armor, agility, recovery and weapon handling speed will increase. This will last until you revive your teammate or throughout the round.

Also, there are new emotes and Crimson Candies on sale. Crimson Candy is the real deal by the way. If you comsume this, you and your teammate will earn extra XP with your equipped weapons.

For more detailed information, you can visit here.


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