There are a lot of them! In-game screenshots, artworks, weapon models… The big three -as we may call them-, Gamespot, IGN and PC Gamer all released their versions of detailed first impresions about Dishonored 2, along with a swarm of screenshots.

Let’s start with the exciting part, in-game screenshots. I must admit, distinguishing in-game screenshots from artworks was a hard task, there could be some mistakes. Which is a very, very good thing in my opinion. Well, I have an idea. Let’s call them “in-game engine artworks”. Yes, that would be appropriate:











Will they represent the final version of the game? We don’t know yet, but we know that The Void, new graphics engine that Arkane Studios is using in Dishonored 2 looks spectacular.

Artworks are wallpaper material by the way; really, download and make them wallpapers please (You know that you can click on the pictures to widen them, right?). Here:











What was that tentacular thing? I did not put that here by mistake, so should we expect tentacles from Dishonored 2? Well if that’s the case, it’s good news for us Lovecraftiphiles (I made that up, sorry).

Here be the models & designs:






Are you not entertained? I guess you are. More entertainment is coming in November 11, 2016 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Until that time, I am personally considering a detailed in-depth article on Dishonored 2, to atone for this story-lacking article of screenshots. Stay tuned!


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