I have a tendency for Warhammer 40K universe from very beginning of my interest on gaming. I don’t know why but everything about it draws my attention more than it should be. Maybe, in an alternative reality, I am a blasphemous, deranged Chaos Marine; laying waste on False Emperor’s legions. Who knows?

After what happened to THQ, everyone was in doubt: What will happen to the Dawn of War franchise? Well, you should no longer worry about it anymore. Watch this trailer and be preapared for the goosebumps, you deranged war addict:

From Relic Software again, comes a new Dawn of War which we will be able to choose between Space Marine, Eldar and Ork races. There are only rumors right now, but among these rumors some are saying that all the races have their own scenarios (I bet all the scenarios will be seperate DLC).

Remember, there is only war!


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