Finally a game which will satisfy our barbaric instinct!

Funcom announced Conan Exiles, a multiplayer open-world survival game. While playing Conan Exiles, we need to provide our vital needs like hunting for food or growing croops, making tools to use and protect ourselves from the danger ( monsters and other players) and building shelters to live in. I bet you didn’t think that Conan Exiles would be a survival.

If you are a loner like in real life, that means multiplayer lovers will give you a hard time. If you choose to play multiplayer, you can team up with your friends and build settlements and strongholds and unleash your cruelty upon others.

As we see in the trailer, Conan Exiles is a bloody game, exactly how we like it. Combats will be bloody and cruel. Like cruelty is one of the main themes in this game because there is a sacrifice option. You can sacrifice your enemies to Gods and they will have an influence on your life.

Trailer looks good, ok it’s not “Jason Momoa Good” but it’s good. Conan Exiles is coming to Early Access this summer on PC, then on consoles later.


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