CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered – Launch Trailer

CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered – Launch Trailer

Come on people, let’s not bury Infinite Warfare, shall we? It is a science-fiction shooter with a little patriotic sauce, after all… I’m joking. If that patriotic sauce really was “a little”, we wouldn’t mind; but followers of science-fiction genre will certainly understand that patriotism is a boring and useless theme to use in sci-fi. Hear our calls Call of Duty developers, you can do it! You can give up the political arse-kissing and start a new carreer on literary ass-kicking!

Anyway, here is the news: Modern Warfare Remastered has a launch video now. Watch it, quick:

Activision and Infinity Ward are well aware that the fanbase is much more excited about MW: Remastered and using this to their advantage: If you pre-purchase Digital Deluxe or Digital Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare on PS4, you can play MW: R one month earlier, on October 5th. Infinite Warfare will come out on November 4th as we all know… You jackals.

I am serious, this time Activision pushed the boundaries of pre-ordering bonuses. Don’t pre-order people! Do not let them use your ambition! Be patient.


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