Becoming a Mammoth Seems Fun In Far Cry: Primal

Becoming a Mammoth Seems Fun In Far Cry: Primal

Did you ever want to become a mammoth and stomp the shit out of primitive humans to avenge all the mammoths that went extinct? I did. Fortunately, Ubisoft has the remedy for us degenerates.

In the trailer that’s released yesterday, Ubisoft lurks us into the bottomless pits of the pre-ordering with an exciting bonus: Legend of the Mammoth. After you:

Yes! Drink the bloodied shaman liquor, get high and give hell to those who hurt your herd -in three different missions: Duel of Beasts, Hunt the Hunters and The Trapped Elder. Stomp & squish your way through the wilderness! After all, you are the one who has the tusks (No, Ysolda; they are not for you my dear).

Far Cry: Primal will be out for PS4 & Xbox One on February 23th, and for PC on March 1st.

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