Yesterday, FPS community had a sigh of relief thanks to Battlefield. A new idea for a multiplayer based shooter is a rare sight nowadays, after all (you know who I am looking at). As much excited about this announcement as you are, we tried to round-up all the news about the newcoming Battlefield:

  • Battlefield 1 will be going back to the World War I setting, which is a very interesting to fight in, for there are not many games -at least no AAA games- about the “Great War”.
  • The game will be released on 21st of October, this year.
  • If you are a member of EA or Origin Access member, you will be able to play the game 3 days before its release, on October 18th.
  • Amongst the pre-order bonuses, there is Hellfighter pack, which includes items from the “Harlem Hellfighters”,  a historical group of soldiers formed mainly from African-American men.
  • DICE released some screenshots:




  • Apart from these, there will be a beta for Battlefield 1 later this year. To gain early access for the public beta, you should sign up for the Battlefield Insider for free. Some “in-game rewards, sneak-peeks about Battlefield” and “exclusive content” will be available for the members, states EA.
  • The single-player part of the game will come with “much more choice and varietly than before”. A “sandbox” world is being mentioned. Not much have revealed about it, apart from Italian Alps and deserts of Arabia are probable places the setting will be in.
  • Multiplayer, apart from the melee weapons we could see in the video; will include automatic weapons and tanks. The “land-air and sea” battle formula stays the same.
  • Here is the trailer:

Lastly, a sincere thanks to Batttlfield, for boosting the hope for FPS games.


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