Battlefield 1 battlepacks will be different from previous games. According to the article from Battlefield’s official website, this time it’s all about great content and customization options in the form of weapon skins that will make you stand out on the battlefield.

This time battlepacks will be opening to make a difference and stand out on the battlefield. ‘The Battlepack‘ can include all kind of items and and rarer items are not limited to a higher value pack. Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks are two modified versions of The Battlepack and surely will contain a very rare weapon skin (Special, Distinguished, or Legendary). You may also recieve a rare bonus item (an XP boost or a puzzle piece to a unique melee weapon). These modified battlepacks can be bought with in-game currency, Scraps.

“On a regular basis we will rotate the pools of Battlepack content, or revisions as they’re called in-game. With new revisions coming up, it’s a good idea to stay connected to the game to see what awesome items you can get a hold off. Before you open up a Battlepack, you will see a list of what skins the current revision contains, making you aware of whether a skin for your favorite weapon is contained in the pool of possible items.”

As you all know, Scraps are in game money. Scraps can be earned by salvaging your items which you don’t like. And with your new Scraps, you can buy new Battlepacks. Yay!

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