Gearbox announced a major update for Battleborn which is bringing 3 new Versus maps (Monuments, Outskirts, and Snowblind) and 5 new taunt customizations along with fixing bugs and issues.

The changelog is extremely long, but here are the some important parts:

New Content: 

  • 5 new taunt customizations
  • 3 new Versus maps (Monuments, Outskirts, and Snowblind)
  • The Wound debuff has been modified
  • Wound now reduces healing, health regeneration and lifesteal received by 60%
  • Wounded targets now have a unique third person visual effect to indicate that they will receive reduced healing
  • All characters now have diminishing returns on the push of their quick melee attacks
  • Consecutive quick melee attacks push enemies shorter distances. This effect resets after a short amount of time
  • All Bots now sprint more frequently
  • Added a Report Player function accessible through the scoreboard
  • Health Regeneration and Shield Regeneration values are now visible on the player’s HUD
  • The Achievements Page on Steam should display correctly (PC)
  • Text chat in the main menu no longer appears off-screen at certain resolutions (PC) Fixed a rare visual issue with the text chat expand button (PC)
  • Icons will not overlap when purchasing buildables
  • Fixed sorting Gear by Rarity
  • Title sorting types are now saved
  • The scroll speed in the Gear Bank is no longer affected by the player’s sorting type
  • Sorting characters by “Unlocked” in the Command Menu will function correctly
  • Skins and Taunts now have descriptions when found in a loot pack for improved clarity
  • Fixed a minor text issue with unlocking characters with Hero Keys
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the “Mute All” button prompt on split screen clients
  • When interacting with Escort sentries’ Power Skills Menu “Can’t Afford” text will no longer overlap prices in split screen
Match Making: 
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong map experiences appeared on the Map vote screen
  • Made a change to reduce queue times for users with exceptionally high or low Elo ratings
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to lose the ability to exit matchmaking properly
  • Adjusted the Music volume in The Saboteur
  • Added music to character select
  • Fixed an issue that allowed unintended audio to play during character select
  • Made adjustments to the combat music during defense waves in The Saboteur
  • Adjusted the volume of Varelsi Scaven tentacle sounds
For more detailed information, visit here.


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