Admit it, most of us wanted to be an astronaut when we were kids. We were lost between the dreams of space and stars. Other planets, seeing the Earth from the space, floating in zero-gravity, fixing some satellites maybe.

Well some of us were lucky, but most of us has to settle for books and movies. Especially the ones which we save Matt Damon from another planets. But if we want to go deeper and be a part of a space adventure, we surely prefer the games.

And now, Adr1ft is giving us a chance to be a part of a space adventure. While playing Adr1ft, we will be controlling an astronaut who floats through the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory of the incident. So it is amnesia in space, cool. While we try to fix our vehicle to go back home, we will also try to remember the events of the incident and what the hell are we doing in the space.

Adr1ft is a first person experince and will be out on Steam and the Oculus Rift on March 28. Later in 2016, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have the pleasure to play the Adr1ft. Watch the tailer below and let your childhood dreams flare up.


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