If you enjoy Hotline Miami and Hitman, No Trace is what you are looking for.

No Trace is a top down stealth-action shooter game developed by Square Mountain and soon, it will be out to satisfy our hunger for asssasinations with good music.

It looks, sounds and feels like Hotline Miami with assassination and infiltration elements from Hitman. No Trace offers beautiful art style, high-tech gadgets, unique playthroughs, randomly assigned targets and it looks hella fun! Ehm.

No Trace is a top down stealth action shooter being developed in Unity 5 and will be releasing on PC. No Trace is a modern, indie take on the classic hardcore stealth genre, focusing on assassination, infiltration and espionage style gameplay. Inspired by stealth action games such as Hitman, Syndiacte and Volume as well as actions games such as Hotline Miami. No Trace will immerse you in highly detailed stylized environments full of creative and deadly opportunities to complete your objectives. It offers you a tailored experience, allowing you to play the game how you want encouraging you to use a mixture of stealth and combat.

No Trace will hit PC in Q4 2016. Here is the trailer:


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