Everyday, we wake up to news about The Division. But personally, as a bookworm, this is the best one yet.

The Division will be out on March 8 and the game will be accompanied by a survival guide book named The Divison: New York Collapse. This guide book was written in the game, by a surviver before the fall of Newyork City. The Division: New York Collapse includes handwritten notes of the fictional character. She was after the forces which was the cause of the fall of Newyork but according to the trailer, she failed and now you are the owner of this precious survival guide.

Author Alex Irvine says we can read the book or play the game but he recommends us to do both.

This is the best version of what’s sometimes called ‘transmedia’: separate stories that are told about the same world,” he said. “You can read the book and play the game, and both are separate experiences—but they mean even more when you do both.

The exciting part of the book is that it includes a lot of personal pieces of the previous owner. Metro cards, maps, etc. She was trying to find those people behing the fall, she was investigating and taking notes to this diary and she worked hard. According to Irvine, we will find a lot of hints and secrets in this book and it includes proven and efficient survival techniques.

Well, the only sad part about this guide is that we need to pay extra money to have it. You can preorder The Division: New York Collapse from Amazon. Watch the tailer below and decide.


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