Modders’ biggest tool Skyrim Script Extender was supposed to be developed for the Special Edition too. But after a couple of bad news about it being delayed and not even developed a bit, modders got a little upset. But recently, we heard some good news. The Script Extender is now officially on Alpha stage.

However, don’t get too excited as it is accessible by a couple of mod writers. Mod users will have to wait. Which, I think, is understandable. In order to get the extender working perfectly and to make it ready for duty, they need to work with modders who have experience on the field.

But what does that extender do exactly? It basically lets you write new scripts for Skyrim. With this Extender, modding and mod transferring between the vanilla version of Skyrim and the Special Edition will be possible. And it was mainly with this mod that the modders had a chance to make stable mods much easier.

We do not know when it will be ready for other all the modding community. But for now, the extender will stay on alpha stage, available only for writers. For more information, you can check out the Reddit page and their website where you can find core information about the project.

Stay tuned for more.


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