One of the biggest epidemic of the human history is no doubt “the Black Death”. A diease carried by rats and killing around 30-60% of the total Eurasian population… And when it ended, it left a huge source of questions and imagination for writers and medicians. Apart from the medical part, artists has transformed this epidemic into a subject of a literary work or a philosophical argument or, of course, a subject of a horror game.

Albert Camus, the French writer/philosopher, for instance, used “the plague” to criticise the social structure in his book “The Plague”. For those who didn’t read the book, go ahead and try it. But this is not our subject today. Today, we will be looking at an up-coming action-horror game called A Plague Tale: Innocence.

“So why talk about Albert Camus? Are you trying to brag about the books you read? You disgust me!” You may say. But no. The reason why i talked about this writer is just because the developer team behind this game is a French group called Asobo Studio. And the game sets in south-western France, probably in Bordeaux, where the devs are located… And they are pretty happy about their new product. So yeah…ehm…anyways. Back to the game.

Bring out your dead!

We don’t have many information about the game itself but as far as we know, the main story is about a 15 years old girl, Amicia and her brother Hugo searching for their mother who was captured by the Inquisition. So other than being a simple horror story, the game questions religious and historical factors as well. The rats play a significative role during the game. The devs call them “The supernatural rats”. And as you can see in the trailer, they are pretty supernatural if you ask me.

What can we expect from this game? We are not sure yet. But, we do know that the main gameplay will focus on action, adventure and stealth features. You will be playing as two orphans running away from the Inquisition as well as from the killer rats. It looks like an interesting and horrifying game, if you ask me. And I can honestly say that I look forward for the game to be launched. The official release date is, unfortunately, not announced yet. What we know is that the game will be available for PC and consoles.

If you are interested about the game and can’t wait to be informed about it, stay tuned for more. And during that time, enjoy the trailer and the screenshots fellas!



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