During the E3 event, we had the chance to get an idea about the new projects of biggest developers of the gaming industry. Some of them were exciting, while some of them were already expected. And some of them were…well, you know. (ehm) But other than those, there were other titles which needed to be pointed out: New World Interactive has released an announcement trailer for their latest game Insurgency: Sandstorm.

The original title was Insurgency and it emphasised a hardcore and punishing tactical gameplay. The game was followed by another title: Day of Infamy. And it was was focused on the WWII theme with the same co-op idea. And now, the third game is coming.

A Hardcore Tactical Co-op FPS

As far as we know, the game will feature both single player and multiplayer options. We can easily predict that the devs will focus mostly on the co-op part. But solo part of the game will also force the players to have a tactical approach and play as a group. It is actually a good thing as the most interesting part about the earlier games of the title was the tactical gameplay they had. For example, you couldn’t just run around and shoot stuff to finish the job. You had to plan your every move and be careful about your surroundings.

So, if the new game can keep this tactical aspect, it should be as good as the older ones. But unfortunately, we don’t have any idea about what we can expect from the new Insurgency game…yet.

Although we don’t know the official release date, developers indicated, with a big “Coming Soon” written on the web page, that the game will be here…soon. So, if you liked the earlier titles of the product, you should probably try this one too.

Until then, enjoy the video and stay tuned for more news about Insurgency: Sandstorm.


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