Oh lord…

Hey, you there. Hey! Yes you. Do you know that I have a birthday on July 11th? Now you know. The thing is, I don’t have a lot of money, and I surely cannot afford a VR headset; and since the jumpstart of VR gaming, I didn’t think I needed those headsets desperately.

But now, a game is coming and I need a VR headset. I have to play Half-Life 2: VR. You got the point. Thanks. I’ll sheathe the knife now. 

Heheh. Resurrecting some lost HL2: VR codes left in the coding oblivion, these skillful modders did an astonishing job, let’s all admit that. It was already a working mod, but with support only to the developer versions (Oculus DK 1, etc.) of the headsets. And, boy, it was quite an experience. Here, take a look:

And now, the same modders did try to resurrect the mod with enhanced features & support to the modern VR headsets, and succeeded in Steam Greenlight. Here is the trailer:

Cannot wait. By the way, I really  have a birthday on July… Ahem. The first video had its toll on me, apparently.

Stay tuned! And while staying, don’t forget to praise for Gabe:

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