Hello there, fellow PC users! I would call us “the Master Race” but I am not one of you anymore. Why? Because the latest developments in my country made PC components much, much more expensive than the same amount of gold. It is hellishly annoying, among other things.

Anyhow, we have news about Steam, again! We told you about the best sellers, awards, etc. Now it’s record-breaking time! The past January, Steam broke the online user record: 12.3 million users were online on January 3rd, 2016. The record is broken by its previous owner, by the exact number of 14,370,167.

What games, which player, numbers oh numbers? Here they are:

  • 849,970 players – DOTA 2 (as you can imagine)
  • 661,144 players – CS:GO
  • 109,138 players – GTA V
  • 74,413 players – ARK: Survival Evolved
  • 73,690 players – Team Fortress 2

Who needs a third game when you have this lot of players, huh? Haha, I’m joking (NO I’M NOT).


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