The Molasses Flood‘s roguelike survival title The Flame in the Flood will hit PlayStation 4 this month, on January 17.

While playing The Flame in the Flood, we are trying to survive a river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Our only companion is a dog named Aesop and Aesop can sense danger and will warn you if there is an item to pick up. He is doing far better than us, as I experienced.

I am struggling with The Flame in the Flood for a while now. There first achievement I unlocked was ‘Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery’ and I was also dying from Sepsis at the same time. Maybe this can give you an idea about how realistic this game is.

The Flame in the Flood is a permadeath game, so when you are done you are done. The crafting system allows you to create new items which will be crucial for your survival. Rafting is hard enough and docking is even harder. You will be visiting little islands to loot and pick up items, rest, craft and sleep. Some of these islands’ hosts are nocturnal animals like wolves and boars. In the beginning, you are not able to fight but just run like crazy and hope to get to the raft before you hurt.

I am overly enjoying this game even though I couldn’t survive more than 4 days. And finally, The Flame in the Flood is coming to PlayStation 4 this month. If you are missing a hardcore realistic survival, just wait for The Flame in the Flood.


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