After the debatable ending of the first trilogy, fans of BioWare’s Mass Effect were anxious about a probable next game. That game is around for a time now, we have gameplay videos, trailers and a shiny name: Andromeda. Now, after the leaks in the past October -which became true- we now have a release date.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will come out on March 21st, 2017 for North America and March 23rd for Europe.

In this new addition to the acclaimed space-opera series, we know that our main character Ryder and his/her crew had just begun their 600-hundred-year journey to Andromeda galaxy in the year 2185. It is the year when the events in Mass Effect II & III occured; so the writers will have a chance to correct that somewhat abrupt ending of MEIII, hopefully.

For those who did not watch the beautiful gameplay trailer, it is here:

We will never have enough space in our lives.


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